CCTV Televising

CCTV televising is the inspection of pipelines using remote controlled crawler/tractors equipped with pan/tilt/zoom cameras from inside the pipeline. This produces extremely high quality video, and reports when combined with reporting software. We do CCTV televising in a variety of pipelines, sanitary (mainline & laterals), storm, field tile and just about anything we can access with our equipment. Inspections may be done for many reasons, routine assessment,  I & I and SSO investigations, cross bore investigations, preparation for CIPP, and many more.

Our cameras, crawlers, and associated components are from Cues and Aries. We use Pipetech reporting software, which allows us to generate detailed reports as well as video. Our operators are PACP/MACP certified by NASSCO (National Association of Sewer Service Companies). We generally do all of our inspections in PACP format, but we can also do general or customized inspections/reports. Reports are generated with each inspection, and include a topview, snapshot, and grading report. All reports and video are delivered in digital format on DVD’s. All print/printable reports are in PDF format, and all video is in WMV format, this insures compatibility with nearly any computer.

The following mainline inspection has been edited, and is a sample only.


The following lateral inspection has been edited, and is a sample only.